Art Statement

Fiona Finlay

My interest lies in the friction and tension that occurs in the action of observational fast direct painting, particularly when I am when trying to balance apparent opposites like representation and abstraction.

I am questioning and considering  formal aspects of the painted surface, transparency, line, composition, colour, visual complexity, and the material abstract brush mark merging with the mechanics of seeing and visual perception.I am interested in the process and conscious of the subjective decisions I make when translating an object into paint and how they add to perceptual and conceptual shifts.

For example how does a fast thick or thin material abstract gestural brush stroke overcharge a flatter thinner linear plane of paint. What does it feel like, what does it do and how does the particular materiality of each passage add to the overall sense of a subject and how does the painted image versus looking at the actual image effect my sensibilities and the translation?


Twitter: @fifinlay

Instagram: @fifinlay